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Gold standard in Classified Advertising using SMS

Classified Solutions for New Media, Web and Mobile

MMG offers a wide range of services and applications to support both traditional media and new media businesses in the Classifieds sector. These include new models for generating revenue in traditional print and on mobile

Services Include

  • IVR Solutions with Non Geographic and Personal Numbers

Offering free adverts to vendors, whether in print, online or on mobile, has historically created high volumes of adverts. The key is to monetize the traffic. With MMG’s IVR Solutions and number ranges you can generate new revenues from your existing classified content. When an advert is placed MMG allocates a non-geographic (or personal) number which connects to the contact number of the advertiser. Respondents then call the non-geographic number to make contact with the advertiser and MMG shares the revenue generated with the ‘publisher’.

This model offers a number of advantages for both the publisher and the user:

  • Easy integration
  • Immediate revenue generation
  • Can be used to block canvassing calls from competitors (by restricting access to specified numbers)
  • Identifies through real time stats how many responses each advertisers has had
  • Gives the buyer and seller the security of anonymity since their real contact details are not released to the other party

It is also possible to integrate advanced CRM functionality for mobile callers, where relevant update SMS messages can be sent to respondents related to the product/services they were looking to access.

• WAP Services and Location Based Services

Online classifieds have seen phenomenal growth and now account for some of the biggest sites on the Internet. Mobile classified services are also now starting to grow rapidly. MMG offer bespoke WAP solutions that enable mobile classified portals to be built. These can be standalone or part of a complete solution.

Key to all classifieds is targeting and mobile classifieds are no different. Online can be targeted by using geo-IP’s to provide some geographical targeting but targeting by location (when the consumer has given agreement) can be very specific on mobiles. See Location Based Services page for more info.

• User Generated Content and MMS

MMG can help classified businesses to develop new revenues by offering user generate content capability via MMS and integrating it into existing services. MMG has worked with newspapers, publishers and media groups across the World to exploit this opportunity. MMG has enabled media organizations to allow their audience to post pictures or video to supplement classifieds adverts via their mobiles. For example, cars, houses, births and dating. These pictures can appear in paper and on web. Typically these services are charged to the mobile at a premium, generating new advertising revenues.

• Specialist Services – Dating

Dating has long been successful classified revenue both in print and online.
MMG can provide a range of complete range of dating solutions, voice, mobile and online, where the revenue generated is simply shared with publishers or online portals including:

  • Voice personals
  • SMS Dating
  • White Label online dating portals